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Question about selling

Ownership of real estate

Qatari Law, in general, distinguishes between three types of investors in terms of real estate ownership, namely:

1.Qatari nationals.
2. GCC nationals.
3. Non-Qataris.

According to Law No. 14 of 1964 (the Real Estate Registration Law) and its amendments, the right to own real estate is limited to Qatari nationals.

Law No. 17 of 2004 (the Foreign Ownership of Real Estate Law) grants GCC nationals the ability to own real estate in approved ‘investment’ areas as declared by the Cabinet. Properties in these areas may be used on a commercial basis provided that they carry out businesses involving commercial, residential, industrial, tourism and educational activities. At present, the three named areas are Lusail, Al Khuraj and Thaayleb Mountain.

The Foreign Ownership of Real Estate Law sets forth the designated investment areas for ownership of real estate for non-Qataris, who can own real estate in areas designated by ministerial resolution. A non-Qatari also has the right of usufruct of real estate for a term of 99 years renewable for another similar period, in 18 investment areas determined by Ministerial Resolution No. 6 of 2006 and with the conditions and procedures issued by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

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Question about renting

15 days for 12 months contract and 1 months for more then that.

Property owners authorized brokers/agency to handle their property.

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